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When the Coroner is Involved

The Coroner is usually involved when:

  • The death is unexpected

  • The death is suspicious 

  • The death is as a result of an accident

  • The deceased was previously employed as a miner

Many families can become anxious when the doctor refers matters over to the coroner's office. We advise that you contact us at the earliest opportunity so we can support and guide you and liaise directly with the coroner on your behalf.

If the death has occurred outside of a hospital and the coroner is involved, a funeral director acting on behalf of the coroner will ensure your loved one is taken to the hospital mortuary.

The coroner will decide whether a post-mortem is required. If a post-mortem is carried out by the coroner, the coroner will issue the required paperwork for the funeral to take place.


The coroner may decide to open an inquest into the death of your loved one. If an inquest is opened by the coroner, the coroner may decide to adjourn the inquest until a later date. In some cases, this may be several months after the funeral.

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