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Arranging a Funeral

Whether a death is sudden or expected, we understand the various difficulties, both emotional and practical, that families may encounter. 

It is our aim to support and guide families through the necessary funeral arrangements. Families can contact us by telephone or email and arrangements can be made for them to be visited at their homes or for them to visit us at either our York Road or Balby office.

When making funeral arrangements, it is usually the next of kin or a close relative who takes responsibility for signing the official documents which allow the funeral to take place.

Your loved one may have decided for themselves whether they prefer to be buried or cremated, or it may be a choice you need to make. In either case, we will guide you through the planning of this and will liaise with the authorities on your behalf.

When making the arrangements, we will support you in making the decisions that will make the funeral dignified and yet resemblant of the character and personality of your loved one.


We can support you in deciding who best to officiate the service, whether this is a religious minister, a humanist, a funeral celebrant or even a family member or friend.

We will discuss matters such as music, flowers, and treasured memories that can be reflected in the funeral service. 

We can arrange for an obituary notice to be put into the paper.


We can provide you with personalised order of service booklets should you require them, and we can recommend and contact a suitable venue for the funeral party to return to after the service.

In case of cremation, we will discuss with you what you would like to do with your loved ones ashes, making you aware of all available options if you are undecided.

Most importantly, we can discuss and answer any concerns you have about the funeral itself.

For information about direct cremation please contact us.

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