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Coffins and Caskets

Choosing the right coffin or casket on behalf of your loved one is a very personal choice. We can help you to select the appropriate coffin or casket in a caring and empathetic manner.

We have an extensive choice of coffins and caskets available to suit your requirements. Coffins and caskets include a fabric liner and gown in the colour of your choice.

Our standard coffin which we refer to as the “Windsor”, is a highly polished oak veneered coffin, and popular with families due to its price and quality. Other coffins in this range include the “Balmoral”, and the “Regency”.





A darker coloured mahogany wood veneer can also be used for the Balmoral and Regency coffin

We also can provide: 

  • solid oak coffins 

  • American style caskets

  • Environmental coffins such as cardboard, wool, and various other materials such as bamboo, wicker, willow etc. Bespoke Coffins

We work alongside companies such as Colourful Coffins who can help to make a personal tribute to a lost loved one. Bespoke coffins can be designed and created with your loved one’s personality in mind, including names, imagery and more. 

We also stock a variety of ashes caskets, vases and urns along with small keepsakes.

Alternative Hearse Transport 

Add a touch of class and tradition with a horse drawn hearse, which can be styled in various colours to suit your individual requirements. Or reflect your loved ones personality with a specially modified VW campervan or a classic Harley Davidson motorcycle and sidecar hearse. 

Dove or Balloon Release

Ashes into Glass Jewellery 

Hand crafted with meticulous care in specialist workshops,  your loved one’s cremation ashes, coloured glass crystals and clear molten glass are expertly layered together. Traditional techniques combined with unique processes to create a beautiful, lasting tribute to the one you hold dear. Rings, pendants, cufflinks earrings in both white and yellow gold and paperweights in various colours are available

Finger Jewellery

Fingerprints and signatures captured in hallmark sterling silver or gold can become an extraordinary keep sake of your loved one. Upon your request, we can discretely take the print before the funeral date which will remain on our file and can later be used to create a lasting memory.

Heavenly Stars Fireworks

Offer a variety of services, incorporating cremation ash to help send your loved one off in style by providing a spectacular way to remember them with either a stunning self-fired tribute or an amazing professional display. The whole process has been respectfully developed to be caring, tasteful, discreet and professional. The unique technique will safely embed your loved one’s ashes into specially designed, tested, secure and quality checked fireworks before returning your self-fired tribute, or scattering the ashes during a professionally managed display. 

Personal Touches

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Windsor coffin

Balmoral coffin

Regency coffin

Balmoral mahogany coffin

Regency mahogany coffin

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