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About Us

Nigel Goodwin Funeral Directors is a traditional funeral home in Doncaster run by husband and wife Nigel and Nicola. The first premises is on St Martin’s Ave off York Road, where Nigel and Nicola lived with their children prior to the onset of the covid pandemic. In January 2019 they purchased an additional property in Balby and spent the following month renovating and refurbishing the property to a high standard. They proudly opened the doors to the community of Balby and surrounding areas in April 2019.


The business was initially established in 2006, when Nigel became a “Sole Trader” operating the business name Nigel Goodwin Funeral Directors. However in 2014 Nigel along with his wife Nicola incorporated the business which now trades under the name Nigel Goodwin Funeral Directors limited, with both Nigel and Nicola being its Company Directors. 

Nigel Goodwin Funeral Directors


Nigel began his funeral career in 1983 when he commenced employment with Co-operative funeral care. He rose from bearer to embalmer to qualified Funeral Director in 1999 when he gained his Diploma in Funeral Directing. Nigel has always valued the training and experience he gained at the company but over the years he developed a desire to provide a much more personal and traditional service for bereaved families. In June 2006 he left the company and along with his wife Nicola acquired their first premises in Scawthorpe. Nigel worked hard to establish himself within the local community, eventually expanding the business in 2011 when he acquired his second premises on St Martin’s Avenue off York Road, where he now resides with his family. It was a sad but proud day when Nigel and Nicola decided to close the Scawthorpe chapel of rest, the premises where it all first began. They made the decision in April 2019 to close this chapel of rest as families in that local community were already opting to use the York Road chapel of rest. This coincided with the opening of the Balby funeral home. Having a second funeral home at the other side of " The Don" would benefit the community of Doncaster as a whole.  The public clocks, clearly visible above both premises doors, summarises a message to their customers; “Goodwin’s Caring 24 hour Service” 


Originally from Ireland Nicola has lived and worked in various locations throughout the UK during her career as a Mental Health Nurse. She qualified and gained entry to the NMC register in 1996 and has worked for both the NHS and in the Private Sector. In 2013 she left her full time position as Nurse Manager to work alongside Nigel in the family business, but still retains close links with her colleagues in the NHS. Throughout her career Nicola has gained invaluable experience and interest in Talking Therapies, and she brings those skills to the family business. She has qualifications and experience in working with families who are experiencing distress and with this skill she is better able to support bereaved families under varying traumatic circumstances.

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