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Direct Cremation Doncaster

Funeral without a service or often referred to as “Direct Cremation”, is a service we provide which offers an alternative to a traditional Funeral.

This option may suit families for varying reasons and circumstances. These may include:

  • Family living else where in the UK or abroad and unable to attend a service for health or other personal reasons.

  • Family prefer to arrange by themselves a separate memorial or celebration of life service to remember their loved one

  • Family who want to respect the wishes of their loved one who may have requested a simple service such as this.


How It works:

  • You contact us at the earliest opportunity to inform us of your loved ones passing.

  • We will make arrangements for you to sign the necessary paperwork to enable the cremation to take place

  • We will make arrangements to bring your loved one into our care once all medical/legal documents are completed.

  • If the death occurs outside of hospital and an immediate response is required from ourselves we are contactable 24 ours a day. ( Please inform us as soon as possible your intentions to arrange a funeral without service)

  • Your loved one will remain in our care at either our chapel of rest at our York road or Balby branch until the day of the funeral.

  • Due to the simplicity of this package, there would not be any opportunity to pay your respects at the chapel of rest.

  • We will inform you on the morning of the service and confirm which crematorium the service will be taking place at should you want to know this.

  • Your loved ones ashes can either be scattered in the garden of remembrance at the crematorium or we can make arrangements to return them to you if you want to keep them.



  • The necessary time and  care and attention will be given to you to explain the process in full, allowing you to have your questions answered and  to put your mind at ease

  • Your loved one will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity throughout. They will remain at one of our chapels of rest until the day of the funeral, which has appropriate and dignified facilities

  • On the day of the funeral, your loved one will be taken to the crematorium in a dignified manor by use of one of our discreet vehicles.

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